Monte Real Crianza Cuvée



Monte Real Crianza Cuvée


Monte Real Cuvée is the result of a long work to sort out the best plots of “El Monte” vineyard, so that wine lovers perceive their character and essence in every bottle of this wine.

67% Tempranillo and 33% Graciano.


Vineyard and harvest

The best four vineyards were selected, covering a total of four hectares of land. Three hectares are planted with Tempranillo and one is Graciano of a low-yielding clone that produces very small berries. All these plots are planted at 450 meters above the sea level and are over 40 years of age, with a very low yield of approximately 4,000 kg per hectare. They are mostly terroirs known for naturally limiting production, with clay and limestone soils with boulders

For the harvest we used small 15-kilo boxes, picking the berries very early in the morning so as to avoid high temperatures and to reduce the time passed until the grapes arrive at the cellar. There, the bunches are carefully chosen on a selection table which allowed us, not only to pick out the best bunches, but even the best berries



Alcoholic fermentation took place in 10,000 liter, cone-shaped stainless-steel tanks. We used the LEV 2050 method to select natural yeasts in the same plots at “El Monte” vineyard, in order to enhance the seal imprinted by terroir in the final wine.

This was followed by a period of 25 days maceration with the skins for the extraction of aromas and color. Malolactic fermentation took place in 60 new French and American oak barrels.

The same 60 barrels were used for the ageing of the wine. 50% of the casks were Appalachian American oak, the rest were French Allier barrels of a very fine grain and four years drying of the wood, so as to reduce green tannins to the minimum. The toasting level was medium plus.

Ageing: 18 months



Gluten free. Suitable for vegans. Contains sulphites


Tasting notes

Deep ruby red color, clean and brilliant.

Intense nose of berry fruit aromas, especially blackberries and blueberries, very well integrated with the spicy character of the licorice, all these notes perfectly intertwined with the aromas from the barrel ageing, chocolate, toffee and fine toast. 

Full-bodied, with a powerful attack and fine acidity. Sweet and elegant. The flavors of berries, chocolate, toffee and fine toast linger on the palate towards a full and juicy finale marked with the character of the fruit.


Type of wine





Monte Real




Meat, Stews, Hotpots


Family event, Meal with friends, Company meals


Home, Traditional restaurant, Modern cuisine or international restaurant


Bold, Elegant, Exclusive


75 cl.