How to buy

Why buy online


In our online shop you can buy all kinds of wines, from the most common to the most special of all varieties and prices. With the guarantee of having the management's support of Bodegas Riojanas, S.A., founded in 1890.

Now you can enjoy the same top-quality service at any time of day or night. You can place orders when best suits you and have a catalog of the most extensive selection of wines, along with a selection of wine-related products

Our warehouses are perfectly fitted out with the perfect temperature and humidity, to keep the products in good working order.

Our systems of registration and payment meet the strictest procedures and the most prestigious security certificates. Internet is a very interesting way for wine lovers. Each one can find complete and updated information of almost all wines and compare the ratings and tasting of experts and amateurs.

Here we explain the steps to buy all of our different types of products



Buy a product


To add any product to your virtual shopping cart, go to the product detail card you want and click on the button 'buy'. In some cases you will see that the button 'buy' appears several times, indicating that you have different possibilities to purchase. This is because for some wines we offer you the opportunity to buy in different ways, for example, in cases of 3 bottles, in boxes of 6 or in boxes of 12. In these cases, to add the product to your basket click on 'buy' which is next to the purchase way you want.